Sometimes, despite considering a host of options, a woman may need to have her issues addressed with a surgical procedure. However, that frequently conjures up the thought of a hospital, an operating room, pre-op labs, several days out of commission, general anesthesia, and a high hospital co-pay.

Isn’t there another way?
Imagine coming to the WWC and having your heavy menses or desire for permanent birth control addressed in a safe, comfortable, friendly manner listening to music, having just had a light meal before coming in, and leaving approximately one hour later fully alert and ready to take on the rest of the day.  Well, that day is here!

In 2007, Dr. Kurss performed the first In-Office Endometrial Ablation in WNY to reduce heavy menstrual flow. Shortly thereafter, he performed the first In-Office Essure procedure, a method of permanent birth control, in WNY. The response has been overwhelming. Dr. Kurss has performed hundreds of these procedures in his office at the WWC. Patients have been referred by previously satisfied patients, friends, other physicians and from hospital staff. and thru word of mouth. Many patients come from outside of WNY to have Dr. Kurss address their needs using these unique and wonderful approaches.

And . . . what about discomfort or recovery?
We have had patients texting their friends while we are doing these procedures. We have seen patients go to the mall or out for lunch directly from our office!
And, back to your full activities the next day, or sooner!

For those patients that have heavy menses, Dr. Kurss performs an in office procedure called Her Option Cryoablation. It merely involves placing a probe inside the uterus for approximately 10 minutes.

For those patients who are looking for permanent birth control, without hormones, Dr. Kurss performs an in-office procedure called Essure. By placing a camera inside the uterus, tiny coils are placed to block the tubes. No incisions, quick and easy!

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