As girls enter their teenage years, they start questioning when they should have their first visit with a gynecologist.  Teenagers often dread the thought of a pelvic exam or talking about their anatomy and female health issues.

Visiting the doctor can be stressful for anyone, so it’s not unexpected for a teenager to be anxious or embarrassed about her first gynecologic visit.  A first-time visit with a gynecologist is a wonderful opportunity for young girls to take charge of their health and to learn to make safe decisions regarding their sexual and reproductive health.   Also, most young patients do not need a GYN exam or a Pap Test until the age of twenty one.

The team at Suburban Obstetrics and Gynecology encourage open communication and education.  Many moms have noted that Dr Kurss really develops a special bond with his young patients and that he is very easy to talk with.    We want women of all ages to feel comfortable discussing every aspect of health and wellness.